Vyan Solo Project News News http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ 2018-04-19T02:36:13+01:00 text/html 2014-07-27T22:09:03+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Peace and Love is All you Need for a Mass Shooting http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Peace and Love is All you Need for a Mass Shooting <div align="center"><br><img src="images/IMG_20140726_170933.jpg" height="346" width="461"><br></div><p>There are times when you encounter the unexpected. I was just walking to the neighborhood stor text/html 2014-07-22T19:43:02+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Netroots Nation 14 Inside and Out http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Netroots Nation 14 Inside and Out <div class="dkimg-c"><span class="image_container">Crossposted from <a name="" target="" classname="" class="" href="http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/07/22/1315593/-Netroots-Nation-14-from-the-Insid text/html 2014-06-22T20:34:15+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Endeavor at the California Science Center http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Endeavor at the California Science Center This past November I paid a visit to the California Science Center and took a few dozen pictures of the some of the exhibits including the Space Shuttle Endeavor, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules, text/html 2014-06-01T21:06:02+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com The Voice Audition Videos http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=The Voice Audition Videos In order to get my voice in shape for "The Voice" - which is the only singing contest show I can respect, and am also eligible to enter - I've started recording myself practicing some of the most diff text/html 2014-01-25T12:23:55+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com N.A.M.M. 2014 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=N.A.M.M. 2014 A lot of people don't know what N.A.M.M. is.&nbsp; That's not surprising, but for those who don't know it's kind of a big deal. A really big deal - for musicians.&nbsp; Most people, not being musician text/html 2013-05-26T02:34:51+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com New Remix of Re-Release of My Debut CD on iTunes http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=New Remix of Re-Release of My Debut CD on iTunes <p style="font-size: 12px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #444444; margin: 0;">Hey, as of today my Original Solo CD "Re-Evolutionize" is again <a href="http://www.rvrb.me/fan_re text/html 2013-04-23T16:16:06+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Rush Star and the Rock Walk http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Rush Star and the Rock Walk On Thursday the day of their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we decided to visit both Rush Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and their hands prints at the Rock Walk on Sunset, which we text/html 2013-04-23T15:39:10+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Rush Q and A at the Arclight Theater http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Rush Q and A at the Arclight Theater On Tuesday, April 16th, a special showing of Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage - the docomentary film on the life and career of the rock band Rush - was scheduled for the Hollywood Arclight Theater just text/html 2012-12-15T02:28:14+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Kickstarter Video for Uncovered Obsidian http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Kickstarter Video for Uncovered Obsidian <iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/kZqfWzv3-rA?list=UUS2N44u7_qf4_WTwr1pWVww&amp;hl=en_US" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe> text/html 2012-12-09T02:02:03+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Guilt Trip Preview Seth Rogen & Barbra Streisand http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Guilt Trip Preview Seth Rogen & Barbra Streisand I admit I'm probaby more of a Seth Rogen fan than Barbra Streisand, although I still can't figure out why <i>he</i> got to play the Green Hornet other than the fact he wrote the script - but having a text/html 2012-11-25T22:54:57+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Las Vegas on Black Friday http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Las Vegas on Black Friday <p>We're told that the key to America's Economic Recovery is to unleash the engine of the Free Market with Unrestricted Commerce and Consumerism.</p> <p>There may be some truth in that, but there text/html 2012-11-22T00:08:18+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com New Product Launch: Angel Wings Hoodie http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=New Product Launch: Angel Wings Hoodie <center>Angel Wings Hoodie Has Been added to the <a href="">Vyan Solo Project</a> Catalog of Products <br><a href="?page=Orders&amp;productID=360">Angel Wings Hoodie<br><img src="images/Angel-Hoodie.j text/html 2012-11-15T22:27:00+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com New Site for My Old Band GLiTCHeD Launched http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=New Site for My Old Band GLiTCHeD Launched <P><A href="http://glitchedmusic.supereshops.com"><IMG src="http://glitchedmusic.supereshops.com/images/BigGLogo.GIF" align="Left" border="0"></A>Today I've Re-Constructed and Launched a Brand New Ver text/html 2012-11-11T19:38:13+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com A Night at LA Live http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=A Night at LA Live <img src='images/IMG_20121110_172341.jpg' width=200>Here are some Pics I took the other day while strolling around LA Live on the way home.&nbsp; They prove to me just one thing, Los Angeles is a Very Beautiful Place... as long as you ignore all of the text/html 2012-11-06T17:54:48+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Today is the First Day in the Rest of America http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Today is the First Day in the Rest of America It's really difficult to be hyperbolic about this.  But our Freedom is on the ballot today.<p>Our Freedom to Choose.  Our Freedom to Vote.  Our Freedom to LIVE a healthy productive life with access to text/html 2012-10-21T17:43:50+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com New Soundcloud Widget http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=New Soundcloud Widget <div align="center">Just began a New SoundCloud Account, feel free to check out the widget. <br><iframe src="http://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Fusers%2F26612152&amp; text/html 2012-09-16T18:11:32+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com You Can't Inform Disbelief http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=You Can't Inform Disbelief <p>One of the biggest problems we're having in this political cycle and several of the previous cycles is that so many of the candidates are repeatedly spouting <i>cynical lies with impunity</i> a text/html 2012-07-21T21:30:11+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com A Moment of Perspective http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=A Moment of Perspective It's only been 24 hours since the deadly Theater shooting near Denver Colorado.<div id="intro"> <p>We don't yet know exactly what happened, and certainly not why - yet we've already had one set of fi text/html 2012-06-17T17:13:47+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com I Boycott Rock of Ages http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=I Boycott Rock of Ages Well, this is a qualified critique because I admin I haven't seen either the stage play or film - even though as a long standing Tom Cruse fan, so I'm interested in hearing how he handled his vocals a text/html 2012-06-03T18:54:39+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com The SandTiger Chronicles http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=The SandTiger Chronicles Today I've written the first chapter in an ongoing semi-autobiographical story that for now I'm calling <a name="" target="" classname="" class="" href="?page=Chronicles">The SandTiger Chronicles</a> text/html 2012-05-12T16:48:20+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Believe the Hype: Avengers Does Rock http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Believe the Hype: Avengers Does Rock <p>Let me just out myself first by admitting that I've been a comics fan and reader for a long, long time. &nbsp;That said, after seeing <i>Marvel's The Avengers</i> this weekend my initial response text/html 2012-05-08T00:41:13+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com The word Trayvon, is now a Racial Slur http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=The word Trayvon, is now a Racial Slur Crossposted from (<A href="http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/05/07/1089550/-This-is-why-the-N-Word-Doesn-t-matter-Trayvon-is-now-a-Slur-">DailyKos</A>) <P> For most of my adult life there has been text/html 2012-05-06T19:14:10+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Request Vyan on Pure Rock Radio.net http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Request Vyan on Pure Rock Radio.net <P align="center">You can put in your request to hear tracks from the Vyan Debut CD "Re-Evolutionize" on Pure Rock Radio.net simply by logging in (for free) and clicking here: <A href="http://www.pure text/html 2012-05-03T16:41:43+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Fukushima:Like God Punched a Hole in the World http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Fukushima:Like God Punched a Hole in the World Originally Posted on March 11 <a href="http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/03/11/1073323/-It-s-like-God-reached-down-and-punched-a-Hole-in-the-World">on Dailykos.</a><p> </p><p>One Year Ago Today, Japa text/html 2012-05-03T16:32:55+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Tom Morello & Ben Harper at #OccupyLA http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Tom Morello & Ben Harper at #OccupyLA It's been a few months, since I was at the City Hall Occupy Encampment on the night they deadline expired and Ron Kovick was there to speak.&nbsp; This time I was actually there to catch up with an ol text/html 2012-04-30T21:16:18+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Video Widget http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Video Widget Check out our Reverbnation Video Widget<br><img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" src="http://counters.gigya.com/wildfire/IMP/CXNID=2000002.11NXC/bT*xJmx*PTEyNTE5MTE3Nzk5OTUmcHQ9MTI1MTkx text/html 2012-04-30T20:48:00+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Re-Evolutionize http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=News&BlogTitle=Re-Evolutionize <img src="Re-Evolutionize.png"><!--<b>Download Re-Evolutionize</b><div align="left"><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://widgets.clearspring.com/o/4967bba71e486f74/49a61cc207b8665