Vyan Solo Project Chronicles Chronicles http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ 2018-04-19T02:37:42+01:00 text/html 2012-07-24T16:50:22+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com It's really just a theory http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=It's really just a theory Kenny was one of most unusual guys that Johnny had ever met.  He was funny, he was smart, he was like a force of nature.  And he played guitar, which is something Johnny was looking to learn text/html 2012-06-24T17:24:40+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com A Stage Full of Women http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=A Stage Full of Women Rachel Lions had always been a musician, from her earliest memory. Whether it was her mother's operatic singing voice or her father who was a Radio DJ and Newscaster, music and entertainment was a text/html 2012-06-15T14:02:02+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Maybe the next song will be better? http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=Maybe the next song will be better? Kenny was a lucky man.  Some would say he made a lot of his own luck.  Today's lucky moment was when he decided to call into KLOS Radio during a contest for tickets to a local rock show, and text/html 2012-06-11T17:37:44+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Put a Kahler on that bass http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=Put a Kahler on that bass Just because you make the decision to make a band, doesn't mean that that's going to happen.  Not right away. The first problem was that Daryl was already in a band and didn't have the time to co text/html 2012-06-08T15:50:42+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Ease my seat back http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=Ease my seat back That first night in Texas where Johnny had a chance to finally actually see MTV at it's height changed the vector of his life.  It was probably the first video that really did it, even though text/html 2012-06-07T15:53:48+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com The Devil is a Punk Bitch http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=The Devil is a Punk Bitch Kendal Greenfield had a plan. He had a lot of plans.He knew how the world worked, or rather how to make it work for him. Kenny had just graduated from Redondo Christian High, which was directly across text/html 2012-06-04T04:21:42+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Sumthins Wrong with you Man http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=Sumthins Wrong with you Man Daryl Barret had an artists heart.  He was sensitive and easily bruised emotionally. Things impacted him deeply, severely.  He didn't shrug off the harsh arrows of mercurial fate easily. It text/html 2012-06-03T16:36:04+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Just an accident http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=Just an accident   John Michael Radcliff wasn't an average kid.  He was inquisitive, he was talkative. He wasn't shy in class and he tended to stand out, but not always in a way that he wanted. Sometimes his text/html 2012-06-01T17:01:36+01:00 http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/ vyanmusic@gmail.com Why Write this Story? http://www.supereshops.com/Sites/Vyan/?page=Chronicles&BlogTitle=Why Write this Story? I've had this in me for quite some time.  I lived quite a bit of it and so did many of my oldest friends. The ongoing charicature of an 80's Band is that they were shallow and focused entirely on