Re-Evolutionize the new Hard Rockin' Soulful CD from Dazzling Multi-Instrumentalist Vyan

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Re-Evolutionize Monday, April 30, 2012 12:04 PM

To "Re-Evolutionize" is to rebuild yourself from the Ground Up. To be delt the worst hand possible and still come back with the winning pot. To be down 40 points at half-time and still have the heart-attack 3-pointer at the buzzer. Going back to the beginning and make all the wrongs, right again. Few of us have ever been through a string of failures and tragedy that would break your heart and destroy your spirit, - then again, maybe far too many have - but even fewer of us have survived to talk about it, let alone fight hard against the despair to triumph. Re-Evolutionize is Our story...

All Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Production and Arrangements by Vyan (Some additional Backing Vox by Robin "Kat Skahnne" Walton)

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