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Rush at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Friday, November 23, 2012 01:11 PM
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Trip to Vegas on Thanksgiving to see Rush perform at the MGM Grand.
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Gerardo & Kelly at Zuri

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Full House

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We don't go on vacation very often, but this year was special - we decided to take trip out of town for Thanksgiving (franky, to avoid the hours of cooking for once) and not only visit Las Vegas but catch a Rush show in the process.

Staying at a little Best Western just off the strip we were able to catch the new vegas monorail to the MGM Grand and meet up with a few other dozen Rush fans at Zuri, right near the main casino. The MGM is a fairly lavish Hotel, so much so that they even have video monitors - to continue to sell you stuff - attached to the water spigots in the public restrooms.

After a few drinks at a bar called Zuri and getting to meet some other fans, nearly all of them decked out in various Rush Tour Shirts from over the years, my wife Robin and I finally headed over to the Grand Garden Arena and took our seats.

I've seen Rush live several times going all the way back to their "Hold Your Fire" tour in the late 80's. Last year on their "Time Machine" tour they had performed their entire "Moving Pictures" album from beginning to end as well as two songs "Caravan" and "BU2B" from what was then going to be their next record "Clockwork Angels". This show was now for the "Clockwork Angels" Tour and openned with a large selection of songs from the 80's era, which were far more keyboard influenced.

It was during the second half of the show that they dived into the new "Clockwork Angels" material and the contrast was stark - because "C.A." Rock and Rocks Hard. I frankly can't think of another set of musicians who've been together as long and consistently as Rush - now entering 40 Years - that can put out a new album THIS good and THIS Heavy. I mean, like a few of their other albums such as 2112, this is an Opera with a full story behind all of the songs - and we've had our own copy for quite some time so we know the songs - however actually hearing how this album comes together sonically, visually and conceptually in the LIVE setting - also with a fantastically energized and Rock String Section - was truly something to behold.

Simply put, it was breath taking. I've been to a lot of Rock shows... I mean A LOT of Rock Shows. I've seen Queensryche do "Operation Mindcrime" from start to finish, I've seen Michael Jackson with his brothers on the Victory Tour. I've seen Michael Solo, Guns N' Roses opening for the Rolling Stones at the Los Angeles Coluseum, and Aerosmith during their first big comeback tour for "Permanent Vacation".

Nothing- I mean NOTHING - really tops this.

It was spectacular.

Just having a chance to see this in person, because it won't be the same on a DVD or evn a Blu-Ray, was an experience that could change your Religion.

After the show we gathered again with some of our Rush buddies , including Gerarado who was one of the violinists in the string section and finished the night out back a Zuri.

Good times, good friends, Good Rock - usually requires Rush.


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