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Why Write this Story? Friday, June 1, 2012 09:06 AM
I've had this in me for quite some time.  I lived quite a bit of it and so did many of my oldest friends. The ongoing charicature of an 80's Band is that they were shallow and focused entirely on image and girls at the expense of the music. Some of that is true, but it's not the entire story and noone has told that story.  They've tried but it's just been all FAIL. There was that horrible movie "Rock Star" with Marky Mark Whalberg playing a Rock Singer that was just pathetic.  That's not the world I knew.  I have friends who were actually in that movie, specifically Jeff Pilson (Dokken/Dio) and although he's argued that they did a good job of capturing the sound of the time - they didn't capture the mood, feeling or emotion.  They tried to mix the wild and crazy Hotel/Tour Behavior of 70's Bands like the Who and Led Zeppelin with the real life story of Ripper Owens, who had been in a Judas Priest cover band and was hired to actually sing with Priest when they split with original singer Rob Halford.

Yes, Rob Halford is also gay, but they didn't have to play that element like a scene out of the "The Birdcage"?

The final insult was the cheap joke of having the Halford character join The Riverdance, instead of what he really did which was start the ass-kicking Metal band Fight.Also, Priest didn't try to use Ripper like a vocal puppet, they invited him in as a full member of the band.  The "just sing and play what I tell you" story actually belongs to another band - Creedance Clearwater Revival - that led to a bitter family and corporate fued that lasted even past the death of one of Fogerty brothers from Cancer.

And now we have this "Rock of Ages" movie.  I haven't seen it.  Looking at the clips, I really don't plan to see it. The smirking smart-assed looking down their nose attitude they have toward Hard Rock fans and those Bands is drippingly obvious. Those were real people.  They led real lives.  Some of them died tragically or were maimed in horrible accidents.

They were loved.

They really don't all deserved to be permanently disrespected this way.  They should get their own "Almost Famous", they should get their own "Singles", they should get their own "Sid and Nancy".  They deserve better.

I'm tired of complaining about it, now I'm going to do something about it.  I may not be Cameron Crowe, but I got skills.  Hopefully people understand and appreciate finally reading about the story they already know, but have never really heard.

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