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The Devil is a Punk Bitch Thursday, June 7, 2012 07:06 AM
Kendal Greenfield had a plan. He had a lot of plans.He knew how the world worked, or rather how to make it work for him. Kenny had just graduated from Redondo Christian High, which was directly across the street from a school whose main claim to fame was being the place that the most infamous porn star in history, Traci Lords, who would home-ec. class to go off and get filmed having sex at just 16 years old.

The kids at Redondo Christian had thought that Traci had planned it all. That she had used a fake ID to get into the porn industry when she was underage, knowing that all her films would ultimately be found to be illegal child pornagraphy and after that she could write her own ticket for doing just one more picture once she was finally of legal age.  It was all a trick to get one big payoff, then she could do "real" movies after becoming famous.  But it didn't exactly work out that way.

Ultimately Lords did make that one last adult film, "Traci, I Love You", which was produced just two days after her 18th birthday, but it didn't produce the financial windfall that was expected. Kenny had actually met Traci, crossing the street, when he was a Junior and she was a Senior at RHS.  He could tell from one look that she was a druggie. She had sunken eyes, and nervous jerk to her movements. It was probably cocaine. Kenny figured she'd gotten strung out by her pusher and was doing porn just to pay him back. She didn't have a plan, she was just being used.

Kenny didn't plan on getting used, by anyone.

Kenny had being going to Christian Schools since 2nd Grade.  He knew even that young that they were completely full of it.  His parents made him go of course.  His mom especially was a real church lady, who went every Sunday wearing a big wide brimmed hat and long white gloves, while his dad just went along with whatever she bellowed out at him from inside the kitchen, or the den, or the bathroom, or the living room.  During that one year in 2nd Grade he'd been attending a little Catholic School down the street from Redondo Christian, and while there it seemed like they spent more time in mass, than in class.  He was only their for 2 semesters but it felt like they went right from studying for Christmas mass to studying for Easter mass without a break between.  Then the stuff they actually taught inside the classes were another thing. The mass he had memorized, but not his times tables.

The was the time one of the nuns tried to explain how the Peace Sign was really the sign of the Devil.  Sister Mary McDaniels would stand up in front of the class and proclaim...

"This symbol is evil. It's a desecration of the sacred symbol of Christ, the Cross.  You see here, that it has the same vertical bar as the Cross down the center, but that the arms are upside down and broken?  This is the Devil's symbol. He's trying to trick you, to lead you astray.  The Peace Movement is of the Devil."

Kenny learned the following year that the Peace Sign was really just the image of a rocket, a nuclear ballistic missile with fins on the tail being contained by the circle. He learned it simply meant "No Nukes", he realized how much he'd been lied to at that school. He was just a kid. Of course he trusted them, and then they took that trust and they lied. They LIED.

That was about the time that Kenny started listening to Black Sabbath, then he moved on to Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden.

Not long after that he started playing guitar, trying to copy the solos of K.K. Downing and Glen Tipton. To get that massive Tony Iommi tone.  Their guitars were the sound of a scream, shouting back at the liars.

Those bands were great because they were exposing the lies of False Christianity.  False Worship. False Faith. Believe in yourself, not outside things you can't see.  There was no heaven, no hell, just the world.  The harsh, cold, cruel world.  Priests and Politicians use "Christianity" and other Religions merely as a means to control other people. To manipulate them emotionally, financially and physically. To determine who they could love, how, when and in which positions they could have sex.  It was all bullshit.

Take the story of Lucifer.  The Devil. Leader of all the Demons. He's supposed to be the Ultimate Evil, yet wasn't he also once an Angel?  Wasn't he the greatest of the Angels, the smartest, the most handsome?  And every one of his followers, all the demons and monsters, they too were all Angels at first. They followed him and trusted him after he decided to wage a War in Heaven simply because Lucifer thought that God loved Man more than he loved Lucifer, his greatest Angel.  He was Jealous of Men.

Just like a woman will attack her man out of jealousy for looking at another woman, he was controlled by his emotion, he thought. Lucifer was just a jealous little Bitch.  So he started a War, then he lost it and was cast out - never to return. Now he haunts the dreams of Man, trying to corrupt them, trying to entice them to follow their weakest impulses, to show to God that they are unworthy of his Love.  And even after he lost, he's still trying to win by proving that he is better than Men to God.  Trying to win back God's exclusive Love.  Yeah, but God is a polygamist, he Loves everyone, all the world - not just one part of it. All of it. So in the end, not only is Lucifer a whining jealous bitch, he's an arrogant prick too because he isn't any better than Men, he's just as weak, just as flawed.. Once you realize this, you have no more reason to fear Lucifer - you should be laughing at him. He's a punk. A Punk Bitch, in Kenny's opinion.

Obviously weakness and emotion destroyed Lucifer, so what does it prove that it can also corrupt the "weaker" humanity? Isn't that vulnerability the nature of being human?  We can all be corrupted, all be led into life of drugs and horror and pain if we let ourselves.  If we think we deserve it. If we think that's where we belong that's where we'll be. Into Hell on Earth. Or we can escape that world by simply understanding that we all have a choice. We can all make a difference. A man can change the world, but he first has to be willing to change his own mind.

But teaching that Lucifer is "weak" isn't in the best interest of those who would use him to frighten and control you is it?  Only people can corrupt people.  Only their own choices can they be led astray by the little lies that they refuse to believe until it's too late.  People want to believe bullshit. And that realization was just the first key to Kenny's plan.

In the end it's not about Angels or Devils, it's about whose pulling the strings and whose getting pulled.
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