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The Sand Tiger Chronicles

On this page will be post episodic chapters in a new fictional story, inspired by true events, about the rise, fall and rebirth of an 80's Hard Rock Band called Sand Tiger - going from the first moment they each joined the Hard Rock movement through their triumphs, and their tragedies. Some call is "Hair Metal" now, but at the time people just called it "Rock".
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It's really just a theory Tuesday, July 24, 2012 08:07 AM
Kenny was one of most unusual guys that Johnny had ever met.  He was funny, he was smart, he was like a force of nature.  And he played guitar, which is something Johnny was looking to learn. He'd finally bought himself his irst guitar, a candy apple red Charvel after putting it on layaway at Nadine's in Hollywood.  Now had the instrument he just needed someone to show him what to do with it.

Kenny arrived at Johnny's how about 6, two hours after he was supposed to.  He brought a Black Kramer Guitar and a little practice amp.  Johnny didn't have an amp yet, but he'd found a way to plug his guitar into the stereo and even manage to get some distortion.  They played around for a bit sharing riffs and getting an idea of each others style.

"Man you play pretty manic, almost like punk rock" Kenny said to Johnny.  Johnny was slightly offended, he was actually trying ot play something with the purcussion of R&B, but he was having a hard time keeping it from sounding too noisy through the amp distortion.

"Here I've got something for you - all you'll ever need to know about Rock Guitar soloing - well almost - I have on this one page from the first book I ever bought about improvisation".

He showed Johnny this page with a set of fingering patterns and some scribbles.

"What's this?" Johnny asked?

"It's the key to taking over the world." Kenny laughed. "Let's get started."


A Stage Full of Women Sunday, June 24, 2012 09:06 AM
Rachel Lions had always been a musician, from her earliest memory. Whether it was her mother's operatic singing voice or her father who was a Radio DJ and Newscaster, music and entertainment was always around her.  She was born in San Francisco, daughter to a family of first generation immigrant sisters who come by way of Germany from Kazakstan in the central Asia portion of the former Soviet Union.  Most of her aunts had Americanized their names as they made the crossing and like many immigrants from that area settled on Russian Hill, near the world famous winding Lombard St.

As a young girl she'd moved with her parents to Westwood in the early 60's where her mother worked as a script writer at CBS Television City and her father pursued radio work until their eventual split, afterward she moved to Orange County with her mother who then began working at the Musicians Union.  By her middle teens she was working there part time as well, and after high school attended Cal State Fullerton with the intention of studying music.  Unfortunately she found that the direction of musical instruction there was mostly aimed at the creation of chamber music for other academics, not the general public.

Rachel wanted to learn how to make a living playing music and unfortunately a University wasn't the place to learn how to do that.  She eventually graduated with a degree in sports medicine, with cautiously optimistic intention of continuing on that career path, it being the early days of Title IX, but having a degree made her mother quiet down. 

Right now though none of that was on her mind. Right now she was missing a singer for her band, who were about to go onstage at Gazzari's on the Sunset Strip in five minutes.
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Maybe the next song will be better? Friday, June 15, 2012 06:06 AM
Kenny was a lucky man.  Some would say he made a lot of his own luck.  Today's lucky moment was when he decided to call into KLOS Radio during a contest for tickets to a local rock show, and he won.  When he called up his old friend from Redondo Christian High Daryl about it, he could hear the skeptism in his voice.

"Yes, I won them, I just need a lift to pick them up", Kenny said.

"You gotta be kidding me, I don't have a car" Daryl responded.

"Doesn't that Johnny guy that hangs around your band have one?" Kenny said.

"Yeah, I'll give him a call",Daryl said.

And thus John Radcliff had his first meeting with the irrespressible Kendal Greenfield.

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Put a Kahler on that bass Monday, June 11, 2012 09:06 AM
Just because you make the decision to make a band, doesn't mean that that's going to happen.  Not right away. The first problem was that Daryl was already in a band and didn't have the time to commit to another.  His bass gear was all over at his friend Mark's house setup for reheasals with a Christian Rock band Daryl had been playing with for a past year and a half called NightWatch.  They were a mix between Kansas and Daryl's favorite band Journey, but without Steve Perry or Neal Schon.  Their guitarist Sammy was good. Fast and fluid with a heavy Eddie Van Halen influence, but Mark - who handled the keyboards as well as lead vocals - didn't have anywhere near the range or tone of Perry. He tried hard though.

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Ease my seat back Friday, June 8, 2012 07:06 AM
That first night in Texas where Johnny had a chance to finally actually see MTV at it's height changed the vector of his life.  It was probably the first video that really did it, even though they all made an impact, that first one was special. It was like BAM!, here we are, deal with us. First it had bi-plane flying toward the screen without any music, just the sound of it's engine whining - followed instantly by the opening guitar chords and drums of the Van Halen song Panama.  David Lee Roth floating through the air on a wire, boom box on his shoulder, pilots goggles on his eyes, tiger striped pants and a giant Tom Baker/Dr Who scarf trailing behind.  From the very first moment to the last it was a spectacle, and it was simply the band performing on a stage/set without an audience. It was just them, nothing else.

They didn't need anything else.


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